Depending on the source material and your sound design wishes we can simultaneously offer you a variety of systems for audio post-production.
  • The source material may be processed on an analogue signal path (primarily with tube equipment such as Avalon, Tube-Tech, SPL, Joemeek) and   digitalized at the end of the processing chain (24bit/192KHz Apogee clock)


  • For a digital set up we can provide you with top quality mastering plug-ins and our external hardware



  • Any combination of hybrid set ups gives the best of both worlds



You can choose in direkt comparison which constellation is the best for your production.

Along with our Westlake BBSM-12 reference-monitor system there is of course a variety of top quality monitoring systems and consumer systems available.


After the audio production has been completed we can intergrate IRSC and EAN codes to your recordings or even CD texts.
We would be happy to prepare a proposal for the pre-mastering of your production in stereo 2.0 and 5.1 surround sound for duplication on CD, DVD, DVD-A, SACD or vinyl.